How It Works 3 Important Steps to Lose Healthy and Durable Your Weight

Eliminate Sugars and Starches One of the most important part.

This diet is focused on providing your body with the nutrition it needs, while eliminating foods that your body does not require. For most effective weight loss you will need to keep the total number of carbohydrate grams to fewer than 20 grams/day.

Eat Protein, Fat & Vegetables Meals should include a protein source.

It’s important to include healthy sources of protein in your diet each day. Protein helps your body with a number of important function and helps you maintain muscle mass.

Exercise 3-4 Times Per Week It is important to exercise to lose weight.

Doing exercise is one of the most important task. Exercise daily to be fit, healthy and active.

Weight Loss Results

(Ravi Rajput- Lost 26kg in 5 Months)

Hi My name is Ravi Rajput. I was working in Bank Industry and my routine was really very bad. I was not focusing on my health and due to these Schedule I was gaining weight day by day weight was 96kg. I was not feeling good , Digestive Problems and High Blood pressure. When I start this Program with Healthy Active lifestyle and I follow my Coach guidelines and I lose 26kg in 5 Month. Now I am feeling very Energetic and Active. Feeling Great 👍

(Ashutosh- Lost 20kg in 3 Months)

Hi My name is Ashutosh and In my profession most of the time I spend in sitting and lack of knowledge about Nutrition and correct routine I gained weight about 100kg and not feeling well to do any workout or normal activities. Then I meet to my Coach and start this Program & Gain my knowledge about Nutrition but lose my weight. I lose 20kg in 3 Month and Now I am very active and doi6my workout daily with full Energy. I thank to my Coach for this gift of Health.

(Neelam- Lost 10kg)

Hello Myself Neelam , I am a Housewife and I introduce with this good Nutrition and Healthy Active lifestyle helping me lose 10kg and Improve my health and feeling very energetic.
Thanks to my Coach for guidelines.

(Rekha Singh- Lost 12kg in 3 Months)

Hello My self Rekha Singh. I am a housewife and a mother of 2 kids. I was gaining my weight day by day amd feeling very lethargy and tired.When I start this Program with Coach Guidelines I lost 12kg in 3 month and Inches also Now I am feeling so Great and Thabks to my Coach for support me to achieve my goal and Health Improvements.

Hi My Name is Mohini. By profession I am teacher By childhood I am overweight, with chubby chicks. But Now I wanted to reduce my weight because after 3 Months I am going to marry with someone so I was serious about my weight lose and met with My Coach – Kusum who support me to lose weight. Now I am feeling great to have a Coach Like her. Thank you So much for this wonderful Life

(Nitesh- Lost 11kg)

Hello I am Nitesh and running my Hotel. As we know we never fix our time to eat ,sleep and wake up in morning and No work out from very long time . Then I start this Program with guidelines amd I reduce 11kg weight lose and the best part I came into my routine which really support me a lot to Work with more Energy and then My wife and my mother also start the Program and improve their Health.

(Seema- Lost 12kg in 3 Months)

Hi My Name is Seema. I am working in Hospital and a mother of 2 kids. As per my job schedule with taking care of my family I never think about my Health and start facing some Health issues also and gaining weight. My weight was 80kg & not feeling active. Then I meet my Coach and she help me to lose weight and correct my body Composition Fat Percentage and with all guidelines from my Coach I lose 12kg in 3 month and Now I am very much active and Fit. I would like to thank my Coach to help me and I am feeling blessed.

(Ashwani- Lost 11kg), (Soni- Lost 12kg)

Hi Myself Ashwani and my wife Soni We both introduce with this good Nutrition through my mother Results. My Digestion was not good due to my late night work schedule and My wife was also gaining weight because of PCOD problems and she was on medication from 2 year. When we start this Program with Coach guidelines- Ravi & Kusum I reduce my 11kg weight and Improve my Digestive System and My also lose 12 kg and Now she is very with her Health Results Improvements also.

(Sanjay- Lost 10kg)

Hi My name is Sanjay I am 51 years old. I am a wholesaler of Medicine due to my work routine I never get time to take my Food on time and because of that I am gaining weight and losing my stamina and then I Met with this good Nutrition and Coach Guidelines I reduce 10kg weight and Improve my Stemina Now and doing my daily workout about 1Hour (Cycling/Running and Cardio) Feeling So Great 👍👍

Shubhankit Gupta

I am running My Hotel. As per my busy schedule I never focus on my routine and eating habits my Digestion was really very bad & not feeling good then I met with this good Nutrition and creat amazing Health Results.
Thanks to my Coach.

Weight Gain Results

Hi Myself Kusum Rajput I was underweight from childhood but I never think about my weight gain and I was working in private sector & I loved to eat junk food almost But my Immunity was not good almost I —2 month visited to Doctors & very Low Energy. After my marriage I had to manage Home and office work but I felt almost very tired in Evening not not feeling good. Then I met with this good Nutrition I gained II kg Muscles mass and Special I Improved my Immunity and Now I am Living a healthy active lifestyle with great Energy. Thanks to this wonderful Nutrition and my Coach who support me.

Weight maintenance & Improve Health Results

Hello Myself Shivang Singh. I am sales department due to my profession I have to spend my time almost in fields., because of that my Schedule was really very bad. My Energy level us not good and facing the Digestion Problems also. I met with this good Nutrition I start this Program with Coach guidelines, Now I am feeling great and No Digestive problems now and My all body Composition are in perfect range.
Thanks to my Coach.

Hello I am Rajni i was working in Hotel Industry. No Schedule, No Routine and lack of information I never focus on my food intake and internally not feeling very Energetic. When I start this Program Now I eat on time and feeling very active Now.
Thanks to this best Program and my Coach to support me. 👍

What Does Program Include? From healthy diet plans to body measuring, we will tailor a custom diet plan for you to follow

Healthy Meal Plans
Diet Diagnosis
Weight Controlling
Body Measuring
Body Measuring

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